Mediation: A Way to Keep Focussed on Who and What Really Matters During Divorce

Jun 24, 2022 | Blog

Most divorce cases are not easy. It can be hard to focus on what and who really matters. Especially when you aren’t on the best terms. But there are ways to help your mediation stay on the right track and remember who and what really matters.

    #1. Which may be the most important to remember, but only applies if you have children, is that the child(ren) should always be top of mind during any divorce/separation, due to the fact that they are so greatly affected by any decisions made. You have to focus on what is best for them and make sure that their mental health and wellbeing is your priority.  Mediation can help walk through this and help keep the child(ren) the top priority during the process.


    #2. Remember, it could be worse! If you are using mediation as a form of divorce settlement, that means it will be a lot more affordable than litigation, it will take a lot less time, and you will have more opportunity to work together and gain the most positive outcome possible. 


    #3. You have more support than you think. A mediator can de-escalate issues and conflicts, while remaining a neutral party that can help guide your conversations through these tough times and decisions. They do not make any decisions or judgements, they only help to set the agenda, draw out interests and provide valuable insights. Be willing to open up and discuss,  to listen and compromise!


    #4. Don’t forget that the reason you chose mediation was because you wanted a peaceful settlement. It can be difficult during hard times to not let your emotions take over, but in the process of a mediation, you are working together for the best outcome when you are separated. 


    Mediation doesn’t have to be difficult. At Legal Boutique, we are here to help. If you would like to find out more about what’s needed for a successful mediation visit our other blog, What is Needed for a Successful Mediation. We are here to help you – contact us today to discuss your mediation questions and needs.

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