What Is Mediation?

Oct 20, 2022 | Blog

What is mediation? Let’s chat about this because through the 20+ years of Legal Boutique serving Ontario, this question comes up a lot!

In short: mediation is a negotiation process between disputing parties, assisted by a neutral party who specializes in conflict resolution using communication and negotiation techniques.

The Canadian Bar Association defines mediation as “the intervention into a dispute or negotiation by an acceptable, impartial and neutral third party who has no decision making power, to assist disputing parties in voluntarily reaching their own mutually acceptable settlement of issues in dispute.”

Mediation is voluntary, non-coercive, informational, confidential, and oftentimes the most peaceful conflict resolution.

Who can use Mediation and what is Mediation for?

There is no limit to the arenas in which mediation is applied! It can be used for anyone! From personal injury, motor vehicle, trade disputes, contracts, employment, tax/CRA, insurance, community relations, medical and more!

Mediation can help with decision making rules (custody), visitation schedules, child support, parenting communications and access, but it is most known for separations. If you are going through any of these and you want to avoid the typically messy, nasty and expensive process of litigation, then mediation would be your best option.

Remember: mediation is a peaceful and mutual way to come to dispute resolution. Both parties will participate in their own free will, which allows them to feel seen and heard by a neutral third party – and our expert team of mediators here at The Legal Boutique are ready and experienced to lead you through your mediation process.

If you would like to learn more about mediation, contact us today or visit the Government Of Canada website. We are just a phone call away from getting started 416-724-4449

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