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Family Mediation

For a Quick and Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution

Over the last few years, mediation has become the preferred method of dispute resolution. It is a much quicker process than litigation that leaves the decisions of asset division and child custody to the separating couple instead of a judge. It will also cost you much less money than if you decide to litigate.

Since February 1999, LEGAL BOUTIQUE has been providing family mediation services with successful results. Contact us for a fair and just mediation service – unlike other mediators, we charge an all-inclusive flat rate. Mediation will cost you much less money than litigation


Reaching Agreements Has Never Been This Easy

Most separations and divorces are suitable for mediation. To determine whether this process is right for your specific situation, the mediators of LEGAL BOUTIQUE will meet with both parties at once or individually. We ensure that both are willing to negotiate honestly and fairly with our help.

Good at keeping animosity low and cooperation high, our mediators will provide a fair environment where both spouses will feel comfortable to negotiate and reach a just separation agreement. We also help couples with children to co-parent cordially after the finalization of your agreement for the good of the little ones.

What do I need a Separation Agreement for?

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Common Law Separation
  • Passport/Passport Renewal
  • Mortgage/Mortgage Refinance

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Reaching Agreements Has Never Been This Easy

Separation Agreements

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