In Zoom We Trust – Virtual Mediation Can Be Extremely Successful!

Aug 9, 2022 | Blog

What a world we live in. At any time, you can call up almost anyone you know, and see their face live on screen. No more calls where you can’t see the other’s expressions. No more texts that leave you wondering if they had a certain tone or attitude behind it. Virtual calls are about as real as you can get to being in person with someone, without being in person with someone. Since 2020, pretty much everyone has experienced at least one zoom call, if not more! The pandemic taught us all about the virtual world. We know that Zoom and other virtual platforms can be used for work purposes or catching up with friends and family, but how does mediation come into play? Can you really have a successful mediation via Zoom? 

The answer is YES. Mediation can be handled just as well (in some cases, even better) via Zoom, and here are some of the reasons! 

  1. Accessibility. It is quite easy to access the internet these days, and just about everyone you know has some sort of device with a camera. It’s as easy as 1..2..3 to hop on a zoom meeting and have a conversation, no more driving, no more meeting halfway, you still get to share the same conversation without the hassle! 
  2. Comfort. While the process is usually never comfortable, you may feel more comfortable to be in your own space, where you can openly speak, and even see yourself. With zoom or Facetime or whatever platform you use, there is typically an option to view yourself while on camera. This can make you feel more confident and measured, as you are able to watch your body language and expressions in real time. 
  3. Professionalism and Preparation. Where you will be notified about your meeting well in advanced either way, having a virtual meeting gives you that much more time to get prepared to chat, no more anxious car drives to meet, you can get yourself composed and hop on a call, and so long as you have a proper shirt on, you are good to go!
  4. Time. Zoom saves big on time, no more getting lost on the highway because you are trying to find the location you were supposed to be at 10 minutes ago. Just open up your computer or phone, and accept that virtual invite! 
  5. Just as Legal and Legitimate. If you have permission, you can record the conversation to keep and think about for later, as this can help you remember points discussed and help you come to a quicker conclusion. It is also great for keeping track of where you are in the process, and for having a safety net, just in case! 

At Legal Boutique, we offer our services in person, or in the virtual world. The choice is yours, we are here to help in any way we can! Contact us today to schedule your first virtual meeting!

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